We can provide a solution on how to soundproof a windows. Our Acoustic Curtains can work with you to create a soundproofing solution to meet your needs. Acoustic Curtains are an affordable investment into your health, wellness, and ability to maintain a calm and quiet apartment life This can be done with sound reducing curtain systems.

Maybe you also need to soundproof your apartment so you can practice yoga in peace or create a quiet place to read or study. What if you work from home, but can’t concentrate because of the loud, barking dog next door? There are so many scenarios in which we can help you soundproof your apartment.

Acoustic Curtains for Windows

Soundproof curtain blocks outside noise, solving your noise problems Each Acoustic Curtain is handcrafted and customized to fit the dimensions of your window.

Windows Sizes & Options:

Acoustic Curtains Are Custom Designed

Standard window size Construction is Fabric Face, STC 17 sound blocking inner lining, White outer lining.

  • 3′ wide x 7-9′ high
  • 5′ wide x 7-9′ high
  • 7′ wide x 7-9′ high

For room partition with fabric on both sides and STC sound blocking inner lining:

  • 12′ x  8′
  • 14′ x 10′
  • 20′ x 16′