Office soundproofing

Office soundproofing

Office soundproofing and room division with Acoustical Curtains With properties prices going sky high, it’s becoming more n more difficult for small businesses and institutes to own and run big premises for their daily requirements, That is why more business’ are opting for multi purpose spaces which can be converted easily into more rooms when occasion arises.

A small law firm in Boca Raton ,FL was facing similar  problem, they were using the bigger hall in in their office building as a consultation room with clients and also as a conference room for law firm employs, dividing the room with a simple folding wooden partitions, But they were facing a lot of noise issues within the space, Sounds could easily pass from one side to another and creating a lot of echo also thus making speech intelligibility difficult on both sides as well as compromising the privacy of the clients.

Our Acoustical Experts suggested the use of ACOUSTICAL CURTAINS manufactured by ALL NOISE CONTROL.

Acoustical Curtains by ANC give new meanings to sound proofing when used as room dividers, The sound-dampening, thermal insulating and black out properties of these curtains give you the freedom to design your space with one pull of string. Both sides offer exactly same stylish effect  and can dampen the sounds up to -9Db for maximum privacy and a quite intimate atmosphere.

Sound Proofing Acoustical Curtains  by ANC are custom made in your required sizes and are available in many colors and fabrics to meet your specific needs and requirements.

If you are facing any sound proofing or noise control issues at your space, Please call ALL NOISE CONTOL for free consultations and easy and comprehensive solutions for all your Acoustical problems.