Dance Studio Soundproofing

Dance Studio Soundproofing

Light Foot Dancing Studios, is situated in a commercial area in Raleigh, NC. Being new in the business they were facing a few teething issues but  the noise control and privacy was the major problem for the studio. The large dance hall with wooden flooring and solid surfaces all around was creating a lot of reverberation and echo within the hall and loud music during the classes was constant  source of complaints from the neighbors in Commercial Centre, Moreover the tall picture windows in the studio were  hardly providing any privacy to the clients when they were practicing in the studio.

When the Dance Studio management contacted ALL NOISE CONTROL with their particular problem, they wanted some soundproofing solution which could not only achieve both the noise control and privacy of the studio but also should be aesthetically compatible with studio’s overall look.

Our acoustical experts suggested the use of ANC ACOUSTICAL CURTAINS .

Acoustic Curtains are custom made for our client’s specification and requirements. These curtains are designed with powerful, lab-tested inner lining to reduce reverberation and echo, stopping loud music seeping outside as well as reduce  interference from outside noises and foot traffic,  giving the clients total privacy, these curtains can be made in any color and fabric of your choice to go with the existing décor of the space.

 After the completion of project, Dance studios noise control issues were resolved completely, resulting in satisfied studio management, happy clients and happier neighbors.

If you are facing any noise control and soundproofing issues at your workplace or institute, please contact ALL NOISE CONTROL.

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