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Office soundproofing

Office soundproofing and room division with Acoustical Curtains With properties prices going sky high, it’s becoming more n more difficult for small businesses and institutes to own and run big premises for their daily requirements, That is why more business’ are opting for multi purpose spaces which can be converted easily into more rooms when

Apartment Soundproofing

Apartments or  Condos are ideal to live for most singles or a small family but Apartment life isn’t always easy. Because of the close proximity with your neighbors, unwanted noises can travel from unit to unit or from floor to floor very easily.  What if you are work from home? Phil Collins, A proud new owner

Dance Studio Soundproofing

Light Foot Dancing Studios, is situated in a commercial area in Raleigh, NC. Being new in the business they were facing a few teething issues but  the noise control and privacy was the major problem for the studio. The large dance hall with wooden flooring and solid surfaces all around was creating a lot of

What is Noise?

Noise is unwanted sound, but in a recording studio or in any audio room, noise can cause a lot of problems.  Low noise standards are necessary with the recording studio environment, because equipment can pick up any unwanted noise produced. Often the greatest noise to which audio/recording rooms are exposed is the noise from within the

Acoustical Curtains in a Home Theater

Joseph P. from Melbourne, Florida recently decided to turn a room in his house into a home theater.  Joe and his family enjoy watching movies and playing loud music but were finding that at times the noise traveled outside of the room disturbing the quiet, tranquil environment of the rest of his home with noise

How to Soundproof a Home Theater Room

When building a custom home theater room, you have two different acoustic problems to deal with. One is reducing sound transmission levels from your home theater room to adjoining rooms, basically allowing the home theater to be enjoyed at higher volume levels without disturbing neighbors or house guests in other rooms and from the sound

Acoustic Sound Curtains For Studios

The Actors Studio All Noise Control received a call from the owner of an acting studio in California. The studio was experiencing some noise control issues. The studio had a large room with lofty ceilings that had an immense amount of reverberation, also known as echoing. At the same time, they wanted to divide their

Acoustical Curtain for Showroom

Acoustical Curtain STC 17 An owner of a office building in San Francisco, CA wanted to isolate his loft area from his showroom area below for meetings with clients and perspective buyers, he turned to Acoustical Curtain, a division of All Noise Control. He approached our team with what he wanted to do and what

Home Theater Soundproofing

Joel in NJ, transformed his basement into home theater room but soundproofing traveling outside to adjusting rooms was an issue, basement home theater room yield optimal sound control given that the cement foundation has natural soundproofing qualities and room had double stacked drywall in the “room inside a room” concept. Gaps were also filled with

Work-space and Acoustic Privacy

Accountant Office in Orlando Florida went through major renovations in their open space office and required sound absorbing materials in their open space for private meetings with their clients. All Noise Control recommended STC 17 Acoustic Curtains to optimize acoustics of the room and provide privacy. Anc STC 17 Acoustic Curtains that can be made